Why is Blackpool so popular?

Diversity of entertainment! Ask anyone why they love Blackpool and you will probably get a dozen of different replies. Of course, Blackpool has a long history as a sea side resort. Back in the 1840s, the railway made it affordable for the working forces in the north west to come and relax by its shores.

Just before the turn of the nineteenth century, the Golden Mile was attracting thousands of visitors. It is the name of the Promenade that stretches between the North and South Piers. This remains in place and is a must-see even nowadays.

Entertainment has changed slightly, no more fortune-tellers nor donkey rides, but theatres and family arcades are still very present. One of the largest arcades is the Coral Island and is actually just down the road from the Heathley Hotel.

Victorian venues like the Grand Theatre Blackpool and the Winter Gardens run shows and events all year long. They also are within walking distances from our Hotel.

It’s the diversity of entertainment really, all within walking distance too. Or with the Tram if you are feeling lazy!

You will also be able to enjoy a nice meal or do a bit of shopping at the nearby shopping centre. Houndshill is indoor and sports a large food parlour with Burger King, Caffé Nero or Muffin Break.

For your grocery shopping, there are supermarkets nearby like Heron Foods, Marks & Spencer as well as The Co-op.

Food is allowed in the bedrooms, of course you can also take breakfast at the Heathley hotel.

Finally, top attractions like the Blackpool tower contribute to the fame of this top English seaside resort. It used to be the tallest building in the whole of the British Empire.

You cannot visit Blackpool without going to the top of the Blackpool tower. When you do, take a photo of the hotel, we are very close indeed.

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