The finest cuisine in Blackpool

Besides welcoming guests, we also love cooking. You only have to try our breakfast to figure it out. But for dinner, after a long day on the promenade or before a show, you probably want a good meal. We cannot claim these are the best restaurants of Blackpool but they are independent. Their chefs mean business and we could taste it when we visited.

Mama Mia! Those pizza are to die for…

Blackpool’s Pizza Restaurant

There are a few chains for Italian cuisine in Blackpool but Stefani’s stands out. The restaurant was founded by Pepe Stefani, who was passionate about great ingredients. This passion has been shared with his grandson Nico who now runs the place. You can find their italian menu online. They deliver but we recommend eating in as this is quite cosy inside.

Y Viva EspaƱa

Authentic Spanish Cuisine

The difference with local restaurants and chains is that you get the original flavours and ingredients. The chefs usually are from the country and this is the case with Fino Tapas Blackpool. The head chef is Spanish and it shows. You can order great dishes like chorizo croquettes and patatas bravas. Whenever you go, we recommend their churros for deserts, they are served with cinnamon sugar and whipped cream.

The freshest fish in Blackpool, full stop!

Fish and Chips at its best

There is no way we could cover the best restaurants of Blackpool without a proper fish & chips shop. This is quintessential British delicatessen. And during a trip to the gem of the Fylde Coast, you have to try Papa’s Blackpool.

Ok this is a chain but there is only one Papa’s on the West Coast, and this makes it unique. During our last visit, we could not hold ourselves to take a photograph. Just smelled so good. Anyway, this is an excuse for us to go back. Unless you do and send us a picture of their cracking battered fish.

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