Up and down the Promenade

The Golden Mile stretches between the North and the South piers. Its nickname comes after all the coin machines that were ubiquitous there. You will still find some casinos but focus now is on family fun with attractions like Madame Tussaud’s, the Sandcastle Waterpark and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. All starts with Coral Island Family Arcade though so here is a little Blackpool promenade tour down the road from the Heathley Hotel.

The Blackpool tramway is still running strong. Even though it goes back to 1885! Americans envy us…

We get a lot of overseas visitors believe it or not. Typically for the dancing competitions that happen all year long in Blackpool. We have welcome Irish, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese guests recently. But the most famous Blackpool guest of all is probably Frank Sinatra. And whilst his hotel is being refurbished, we welcome all his fans!

Blackpool carrosses are so popular with adults and children

Now to travel to the South Pier, you could hop onto a fairy carrosse down the street. But we recommend a family pass on the Blackpool tramway. It is cost effective and only a couple of minutes to the Blackpool Tower station.

Buy your pass for 2 adults and up to 3 children, you will be able to get to South Pier in no time and then back up for a bit of rest at the hotel or fish & chips at Papa’s Blackpool.

Once you are out at South Pier, you have numerous attractions:

Sandcastle Waterpark in Blackpool
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