Top Stag Nights on the Coast

All lovers are heading for exotic spots this month! We wonder why Cupid? And it could be something unexpected with a proposal, who knows? We actually have a lot of them in Blackpool, something to do with the seaside for sure. Which makes it a hotspot for love but not only.

Blackpool is a top destination for stag nights by the sea. Hen nights too. It is easy to get to Blackpool from Scotland and across England. Partying is cheap and this means you can save money on flights. But before you set your eyes on the Fylde Coast, check this top 5 destinations for a night to remember with your closest friends. That is a must if you are thinking of tying the knot.

5 destinations to throw you away including Blackpool

We will not start with this corner of the country but let us remain West Coast for all stag and hen nights. Travel is costly these days so we understand why you would want to keep it to a minimum. Means more money on fun, right?


We are sticking to the west coast but heading down south as far as Europe can afford. And this means the Algarve coast that you all know so well. If not, have a short weekend. Jet2 will take you there for the cost of a taxi ride if you pick your date right.

February is warm at a 16C and top temperatures only reach 28C in July and August. That is why the coast is so important, you can cool down quickly when you want. Also, Gibraltar is only a fun drive away, as well as Tarifa.

All fun and time abroad but for short stag nights, you lose precious hours on airport transfer, rather than flying.


Well, we cannot be biased but Blackpool is not that far off Liverpool, Leeds, Hull, York…all lovely cities but not on the west coast is it? And you cannot beat stag nights by the sea. In case you need to cool off, quick. One night in Blackpool is so cheap as well.

And there are many hotels that would cater for a group of 20 stags or hens. The Heathley Hotel does not because we want to ensure all guests can rest and relax at any time. But we are happy to assist if you are struggling.


They say you cannot beat the sunshine, you get a lot of it in Dorset Lancashire too mind you. But yes, the southern shores are quite mild for a pleasant rest. Much needed sometimes right? Well, it all depends what you are after but for sure Bournemouth is a hit across England for stag nights by the sea.

If you do plan to go there please let us as we’d like to visit at some point but when the season starts, do you know when actually?


So many scots travel over – and they usually take a pleasant coach from Scotland to Blackpool. It does not take too long if you are in good company. Edinburgh is fun but this is England and this is a wee bit like a foreign country. You see what we mean.

Different money, different accent, beer is cheaper here! Get in touch if you are stuck, we are on WhatsApp business for larger groups. Again we don’t do crowds but are happy to advise.


If you got to that stage then you might want to scroll up. Yes, Spain is cheap and you cannot beat the Ibiza breeze. But San Antonio is quite wild. If something happens, the language barrier might be a problem. It has been reported that local police are connected to bouncers for example. We cannot confirm but stay safe and consider domestic travel for stag nights by the sea.

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